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Real Estate

Residential Real Estate in the State of Florida


South Florida is known as one of the fastest paced real estate markets in the country. But not all of the individuals who make their living in the residential real estate trade are true professionals. Far too often, there is a rush to close and compromises and mistakes are made that cost you more money than anticipated and can also cause problems title to the property down the road.

Many times, buying and selling real estate may be the single largest financial decision in your life. Accordingly, it is imperative to have an experienced attorney representing your interests even before you sign the contract. Contrary to popular belief, there is no one “standard” contract. There may be standard forms, but every term can be subject to change. This is why when you retain the Law Office of Estefano Law, we review the contract provisions and make the necessary changes to suit your particular deal and expectations before you obligate yourself. We prepare and review documentation before the closing to iron out any problems in advance, saving you time, stress as well as money. Our team is always available to answer your questions throughout the process; we want to make sure that you fully understand the process and that you have no doubts or worries at the time of closing.



Estefano Law, PA has extensive experience assisting clients such as investment institutions, developers, entrepreneurs, landlords, home builders, lenders, borrowers, broker-dealers, manufacturers, commercial and not-for-profit organizations, institutional lenders, public-private partnerships and governmental entities in all aspects of real estate transactions.

We work collaboratively and creatively to negotiate and successfully close complex transactions, including acquisitions and dispositions of commercial properties, development, leasing, financing, construction, urban redevelopment and affordable housing projects. In each transaction, we pay detailed attention to the allocation of risks, rights and obligations of all concerned parties to ensure a favorable outcome, while keeping the size and complexity of the client matter in perspective.

Committed to providing our clients with a panoply of strategies, we work closely, on an as needed basis, with our firm’s corporate, bond financing, environmental, land use, litigation and estate planning attorneys, so that our clients receive the maximum benefit from their real estate activities. Examples of projects in which we have been involved include the development of land, office buildings, shopping centers, residential and commercial subdivisions, industrial facilities, mixed-use developments, apartments and condominium developments, residential communities with homeowner's associations and affordable housing projects.

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