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An Experienced Miami Paternity Attorney Who Can Help


The responsibilities of bearing and raising a child do not always take place among married individuals. When complications of any kind occur, it's important the legal rights of all involved are affirmed or created. For two people to institute the legal rights of a child born outside of a marriage, paternity must be established. The father has no legal rights without it. There are many steps to consider, which is why having a Miami paternity lawyer is necessary to ensure your parental rights are protected.


We at Estefano Law, PA have been practicing law and guiding Florida couples for more than 15 years through all sorts of relationship situations that arise. You are not alone.


Paternity can be established through family court or through Florida's Child Support Enforcement division of the Florida Department of Revenue. Both methods can require the assistance of a lawyer to ensure the most equitable and positive outcomes.




Serving Clients in Complex Situations


Determining each parent's responsibilities in the major aspects of a child's life – time spent with each parent and child support – is a vital function of establishing paternity. That's why attorneys are vital to planning a future that is in the child's and parents' best interests.


An attorney's guidance can be crucial when determining child support payments, especially if the mother wants to file a child support enforcement action with the state of Florida's Child Support Enforcement division. We represent both fathers and mothers in enforcement actions. In instances when the state is seeking to recover child support on behalf of the mother, we often represent the father, verifying that he truly is the father and that payments are calculated fairly. With our long-time focus on Florida couples, we have experience representing fathers and mothers in family court.

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